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This lists all the products you have added to shopping cart.

To remove items, click the checkbox in the remove column next to each product you'd like to remove, then at the bottom click Update.

To change the Quantity of any items ordered, click in the input box in the Quantity column next to an item and enter the new quantity, you can do this to as many item as required, then at the bottom on the page click Update.

To clear the shopping cart of all its contents, simply click the link at the bottom left of the page where it says [Clear Shopping Cart], this will remove all items and make the shopping cart unavailable until a new item is added to cart.

To exit the Shopping Cart, click << Continue Shopping located at the bottom middle of the page. To place your shopping cart order, click Checkout located at the bottom right of the page.

Order Confirmation

Here you should look through the items ordered to ensure you have chosen the correct items.

If you have an internal order number or specific order instructions then, fill in the form below the items you have ordered.

Shipping and Handling

Please read through the shipping and handling policy carefully before confirming your order. If you would like to change or remove any items at this stage, click << Go Back to return to the previous shopping cart page, where you can make any changes needed before returning to the order confirmation page.

Order Receipt

This receipt verifies your order and the items that have been placed. You should check through them and if you have any questions or queries, please contact us immediately.

Your user profile information will be shown underneath your order receipt. This is to ensure we have you correct contact and address details. If any of the details have changed, please enter the correct information on the form and click update, to ensure we have your updated user details.

To exit your order receipt details, click << Continue Shopping link located at the bottom of the page left of the Update button.

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This lists all the recent orders you have placed, starting from the most recent order you placed. To view the full details of a recent order, click [view] located on the right hand side of the desired recent order.

To reorder the same recent order, click [copy to cart]; this will copy all items from the recent order to the shopping cart. You can then edit the shopping cart and place the order as required.

To return to the Recent Orders list, click << Go Back located at the bottom right of the page just left of [copy to cart]

My Account

Here you can edit your current user profile details.

To edit simply change all the desired text fields and click [update]

*Please note that if the Password and Confirm input fields don't match the form wont update until you change both fields to match.


Use the Search facility to find products instantly. Simply type in the description of the product or even a partial description of the product and a list will be displayed containing the matching results.

You are also able to use multiple descriptions within the search, for example you can search for "black cap" and it will bring back all products that contain "black" and "cap" in the description.