Volvo Kooshty Boost Glass Water Bottle 700ML

Volvo Kooshty Boost Glass Water Bottle 700ML - Navy
Volvo Kooshty Boost Glass Water Bottle 700ML


Let’s all do our part to reduce the number of disposable water bottles heading out to sea. Refill your 700ml Kooshty Boost Bottle at a tap or a water dispenser and enjoy the clean taste of drinking from a glass bottle. The wide mouth of this bottle allows you to unscrew the lid and insert ice and fruit. The flip-top lid lets you easily drink from this bottle while on the move.
The barrel of the bottle can be branded loud and proud, with a screen wrap or with our special full-color Helix branding.

  • 25 ( h )
  • 700ml
  • glass & PP
  • glass bottle with a flip-top lid
  • includes gift box

Use & Care

  • wash before first use
  • dishwasher safe, top shelf only
  • don’t put this bottle in the microwave


  • not for use with hot beverages
  • ensure the lid is secure before drinking
  • do not hold glass filled with hot liquid without the silicone sleeve
  • do not use glassware that is chipped or cracked

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